erään kadonneen kirkon tapaus [[ neitsythuorakirkko ]]

Society of voluntary blindness

The Thief of the Eye, 2017, a digital collage by the artist Ulla KarttunenUlla Karttunen: The Thief of the Eye, 2017, digital collage, photograph on acrylic, 118,9 x 84,7 cm

St Francis of Assisi could be called a patron saint of the poor; he preached about serving others and demanded social justice. ”Grant me the treasure of sublime poverty”, he wrote. Francis of Assisi could be seen as a severe challenger of market-based ethics, one of the first critics of capitalism.

If Francis of Assisi preached against the will to win, the ethics or anti-ethics of our times is based on raw profit-making. Our modern-day world is a visual society, where economics goes through images, imagos, brands, illusions, and other reflections. In order to gain more, we mislead the eye and do not see any more what is important, where is the basic ethics of being a human. The social play of luxury, popularity and appearances has stolen our ability to see. – This is the topic of the work The Thief of the Eye.

The developed market society has forgot the ethical message of Francis of Assisi. – As a starting point for this digital collage, a collage as meditation, has been used Zurbaran’s wonderful portrait of Francis of Assisi.

the artworks by Ulla Karttunen at Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna 2017Exhibition Art Experience, Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna


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