erään kadonneen kirkon tapaus [[ neitsythuorakirkko ]]

Goddess of light, from darkness

Uma, The Lady of the Mountains, 2017, by artist Ulla Karttunen Ulla Karttunen: Uma, The Lady of the Mountains, 2017, digital collage, photograph on acrylic, 118,9 x 84,7 cm

Uma, also known as Parvati, is an ancient Indian mountain-goddess. The name means light and she is the goddess of spiritual knowledge, love and devotion. Parvati is typically wearing a red dress. According to Carl Jung, Parvati belongs to the category of black goddesses, black madonnas.

The contemporary interpretation of the goddess Uma was shown in the exhibition Art Experience at Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna.

Ulla Karttunen's works (at left) at Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna


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