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Art Experience opens in Bologna

Exhibition Art Experience, Galleria Wikiarte, Bologna 2017

Collective exhibition Art Experience opens at Galleria Wikiarte in the center of Bologna, Italy, Saturday April 22. Curator of the exhibition: Deborah Petroni. The event will be presented on the opening night by the art critic and historian Dr. Francesca Bogliolo. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a catalog.

The show presents two new digital collages by Ulla Karttunen, “The Thief of the Eye”, and “Uma, Lady of the Mountains”.

Let’s take a quote from one of my favorite aesthetic thinkers, John Dewey, the pragmatist philosopher who writes in his book Art as Experience: “An experience is a product, one might almost say bi-product, of continuous and cumulative interaction of an organic self with the world. There is no other foundation upon which esthetic theory and criticism can build.”


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