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London images II

ARTROOMS2017 London, Melia White House Hotel, room by artist Ulla Karttunen. Lontoo / ARTROOMS taidemessut Melia White House –loistohotellissa 2017, taiteilija Ulla Karttusen huone oli punainenStrange light (by Ulla Karttunen), at ARTROOMS2017 art fair in Melia White House Hotel, London. ARTROOMS showed this year works from 90 selected artists from 35 countries across Europe, Canada, USA, South America and Far East. A visitor was dressed to match the colours of art / ARTROOMS2017 London, room by artist Ulla KarttunenGuests, are they part of art? This visitor (above) at ARTROOMS2017 was dressed exactly to match the reds and blacks of Ulla’s art.  Madonna of Ruby Tears (a detail), by Ulla Karttunen, ARTROOMS2017 LondonSeries Red, and different catalogues, ARTROOMS2017 London, room by artist Ulla Karttunen ARTROOMS2017 London: reflections from the window in the artwork “Blind Spot Society” by Ulla KarttunenThe Colour of Blood, a detail [torn paper, ketchup, digital print mounted on aluminium], by Ulla KarttunenFlowing, a detail [nail polish, digital print], by Ulla Karttunen


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