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Algerian Nights: Al-tiba9 Opening

Ulla Karttunen: installation Donna Criminale, contemporary art exhibition Al-tiba9, Bardo, the National Museum of Algiers

Installation Donna Criminale, at the princess’s boudoir at Bardo, the National Museum of Algeria, looked down the visitors, some of them taking selfies in front of her toilet-paper-majesty. – Opening night of the contemporary art exhibition Al-Tiba9/ Antithesis; theme Transgression.

Al-tiba9 opening. In the backround Ulla Karttunen's toiletpaper installation Donna CriminaleModern Algerian women - artists and journalists - in the opening of Al-tiba9 at BardoAl-tiba9 opening in National Museum of AlgiersAl-tiba9 opening in National Museum of Algiers. Artist Ulla Karttunen was asked, why she likes toilet paper so much. The answer was, because of its luxurious minimalism and maximalism combined.Al-tiba opening, National Museum Bardo, artists and co-workers


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