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How to Construct a Criminal to an Algerian Princess’s Throne

first things first: invasion to a super market and buying masses of toilet paper! (and bananas too – there will obviously be no time for lunchs)

Place for Al-tiba9, 2016, Bardo, the National Museum of Algeriaafter bustle of the streets, arriving to the calmness of Musée Nationale Bardo

wonderful colours in Musée Nationale Bardo,Alger / The National Museum Bardo, Algiers. Photograph by Ulla Karttunen wonderful corners and colours in Bardo, the National Museum of Algiers

Donna Criminale (installation by Ulla Karttunen) got a decorative bedroom in Algeria: an ancient princess's throne in Bardo, the National Museumthe place for the Criminal was the most precious one: the decorative throne of ancient oriental princesses

installation under constructionkeep your (toilet) papers in order! a difficult task!

constructing the exhibitionbetween work, deep conversations of religion, love and art; here Albert and Hocine

Al-tiba9 opening night at Musée Nationale Bardo, artist Ulla Karttunen in front of her sculpture "Donna Criminale", constructed of toilet paper.finally the installation is ready, about 2 minutes before the opening

Installation Donna Criminale (by artist Ulla Karttunen), exhibition Al-tiba9 at Bardo, the National Museum of AlgeriaNational Museum’s contemporary art exhibition is named Al-tiba9 and it means Antithesis. The theme for this year’s edition is Transgression. The exhibition runs from 29th September to 31st October 2016.


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