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Galerie Pleiku DSC00902Blinded

Dark tales of the neoliberal ethics and its dead end.

Market economy means that luxurious surrealism has come true. Endless liturgies of growth and profit witness of the breakthrough of the first global religion.

Capitalism as a religion trusts in the name of enjoyment, not in suffering, like did the earlier belief systems. Rewards are thought to be delivered already in this world. You must only cancel out ethics.

In these palaces of aesthetic production, the female body has a sacred mission as the primal fetish, marketer and consumer.

In the neoliberal society, also the freedom of speech is judged by the market. Truth must be blinded if it does not sell.

The Blinded series is inspired by an art trial case, where an art work was censored. The justice demanded that broad business may be criticized in art only if celebrities and brands are blinded so that they cannot be identified – a demand that makes market criticism impossible.

Galerie Pleiku DSC00270DSC00273Galerie Pleiku DSC00863Galerie Pleiku DSC00243Blinded Berliinissä DSC00865DSC00257Galleria Pleiku ulkoaBlinded III

kuva yllä: Ulla Karttunen, Blinded III, 2013 (digitaalinen värivedos alumiinille, diasec).

Otos Berliinin näyttelyn Sokaistuneita (samoin kuin Leipzigin näyttelyn Blind Spot Society-sarjan pari teosta) on esillä syyskuun lopulla Art Fair Suomi 2013:ssa Kaapelitehtaalla 27.9.- 6.10.2013

Blinded IV

Ulla Karttunen, Blinded IV, 2013 (digitaalinen värivedos alumiinille, diasec)

Blinded V

Ulla Karttunen, Blinded V, 2013 (digitaalinen värivedos alumiinille, diasec)


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