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With Criminal Energy – Art and Crime in the 21st Century

Mit Krimineller Energie: Kunst und Verbrechen im 21. Jahrhundert, 28.04.-29.07.2012. In Halle 14 in Leipzig.

Only natural born criminals wear white.

Ulla Karttunen’s toilet paper bride is a part of installation Donna Criminale.

Some people, at least born directors, have always been able to recognize criminals directly from their looks. This happened in Finland year 2008 when a retired museum director studied a tabloid press photograph (in Finland art criticism is based on yellow press stuff, not on artworks) in order to notice that because the suspected one, U Karttunen, had white clothes, she must have been a pure swindler,  a pure criminal. And that she could not be an artist.

The work Donna Criminale in Halle 14 offers clues to distinguish a criminal woman. It is an homage to a clan of conservative museum directors as successors of famous Italian criminologist, Cesare Lombroso.

Lombroso developed the theory of the born criminal. He also believed that he could recognize delinquents from photographs.

The honourable Finnish successors have advanced still further.

A rumor is enough, and always works better than any knowledge. Not any image is needed to become convinced that it is question of crime but not of art.

Cleaning women sometimes wear white. As well those who work in hospitals. We just need born directors to tell that all those invisible servants could be criminals or should at least be suspected.

Installation materials of the work consist mostly of the equipments of cleaning women: pails, pipes, plastic gloves, cleaning wipes, trash bags.

Why to make a sculpture of trash bags and toilet paper? The installation Donna Criminale asks if the developed capitalist society begins to treat those in lower social position, from cleaning women to socially critical artists, as criminals. Or as a dirt to be cleaned away.


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